THE ENVOY by Alex Kershaw
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THE ENVOY by Alex Kershaw
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A riveting rescue story, The Envoy traces the fate of both Eichmann, who was finally hunted down and brought to justice; and Wallenberg, whose parents spent decades in their quest to find their beloved son.

But at the heart of this intensely moving saga are several survivors of what has been called “the greatest and most horrible crime committed in the history of the world.”

Based on the latest documentation from international archives and extensive interviews with eyewitnesses and survivors, The Envoy brings to life one of the darkest and yet most inspiring episodes in history.

Written with New York Times-best selling author Alex Kershaw’s customary narrative verve, The Envoy is the unforgettable story of a lost hero, his greatest adversary, and the men and women who owe their lives to Raoul Wallenberg.

Perhaps as many as a million people – relatives of those Wallenberg saved – are alive today because of this one man’s immense courage and sacrifice during the last winter of World War II.

The Epic Rescue of the Last Jews of Europe
In the Desperate Closing Months of World War II

by Alex Kershaw

US $26.00 / CAN $31.00
ISBN: 9780306815577

Published by Da Capo Press